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CCIP has encountered an error.

Error Message System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> ODE.CCIP.Common.Exceptions.DataAccessException: The method 'GetDocumentByKey' expects a single record but 0 were found. at ODE.CCIP.BusinessLogic.CCIPBaseBL`2.GetByKey(Type objectType, Type entityType, Decimal key, Database db) in c:\MsftBuilds\1\CCIP\CCIP_QABld\Sources\CCIP\Source\Business Layer\ODE.CCIP.BusinessLogic\CCIPBaseBL.cs:line 1302 at ODE.CCIP.BusinessLogic.DocumentBL.GetByKey(Decimal key, Database db) in c:\MsftBuilds\1\CCIP\CCIP_QABld\Sources\CCIP\Source\Business Layer\ODE.CCIP.BusinessLogic\Generated\Document_gen.cs:line 335 at ODE.CCIP.BusinessLogic.DocumentBL.GetByKey(Decimal key) in c:\MsftBuilds\1\CCIP\CCIP_QABld\Sources\CCIP\Source\Business Layer\ODE.CCIP.BusinessLogic\Generated\Document_gen.cs:line 325 at ODE.CCIP.ServiceImplementation.General.DocumentLibraryGetDocumentByKey(Decimal key) in c:\MsftBuilds\1\CCIP\CCIP_QABld\Sources\CCIP\Source\Service Layer\ODE.CCIP.ServiceImplementation\General.cs:line 816 --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
We have prepared an error report that you can send to us. Please enter your contact information and send the error report. You can also provide us information to reproduce the error in the 'Error Description' box.

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